Here's the final scene from the screenplay. Charlie is an autistic girl who hadn't spoken a word to anyone-- until that fateful day when a homeless greyhound came into her life. After creating havoc in the household, Tom, her divorced dad, at one point yells after it got away from him, "You lucky bastard!" As it turned out, those would be the first words Charlie ever spoke. By the end of the story, she's been kidnapped and saved by that same greyhound she calls Lucky Bastard. Before Lucky Bastard came into her life, Charlie Chaplin was the only one she could relate to by watching endless videos. Oh, yeah, Jennifer is Tom's secretary and the "love interest." I know, it's a shameless storyline but it's a great family picture. As this scene begins Bo, the bad guy, has been caught along a river with a freighter in the background.

Lucky’s POV: The freighter is in the background. Police cars are parked at odd angles, their lights flashing across the freighter’s rusting hull. The helicopter is parked nearby. Detective is talking to Tom who is holding Charlie in his arms. Jennifer is holding Charlie’s hand. Cops are leading Bo away behind them. He’s covered in soot.

Lucky pauses and then turns and starts walking away.

Charlie is looking for him, sees him and squirms to get down.

Lucky bastard! Lucky bastard!

Tom lets her down and she starts running awkwardly toward the dog O.S.

Lucky bastard! Lucky bastard!

Lucky is walking along railroad tracks into a giant red sunset. He stops, looks back, and barks once.

Charlie steps up and calls again. Her smile is waning.

Lucky bastard...

Lucky turns and barks twice before turning away to walk down the railroad tracks.

Tears begin to well up in her eyes.


SFX: CHARLIE CHAPLIN’S ghostly image has joined Lucky on the tracks. They’re walking into the sunset in the same way Charlie’s favorite movie “The Little Tramp” ends.

Charlie wipes her tears away.

Lucky... come...back.

Tom’s hand touches her shoulder before he kneels beside her. They’re both looking at Lucky O.S.

Darling, you’re calling an angel with a tail. His work’s done here.

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Jennifer arrives and puts her hands on both.

Charlie looks up at Jennifer with tears rolling out of her eyes and then she looks at Jennifer’s hand.

Charlie grabs Jennifer’s hand.

Tom looks up at Jennifer.

Jennifer has to wipe a tear away.

Tom smiles.

Charlie rests her head on her father’s shoulder and watches Lucky walk out of her life.

Lucky is walking alone into the undulating red orb straddling the railroad tracks.



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